Our research falls into three categories:

1.       Our market research initiatives

          a)      Property management performance – REMark

          b)      IT benchmarking – RemIT

2.       Research on commission – markets, technology, digitisation, economic impact assessments

3.       Supporting smaller businesses as an outsourced research function

Good research goes beyond the obvious and reveals structure, often with unexpected outcomes. We pay great attention to rigour in research. This, combined with best practice quality control produces robust results and feeds into strategies designed to meet our client's objectives in a timely and cost effective manner.

Good research also begins with an understanding of the real estate industry and its position in the general business environment. It is important to have a clear understanding of our client's goals.  This often means going beyond traditional research methodologies to utilise new approaches and formats that provide a deeper appreciation.

Whatever the methodology it must be executed well. This takes experience and understanding of the subtleties of timing, budgeting and communication.  There are few more experienced teams than ours and, unlike others, all our research and strategy formulation is undertaken by senior, experienced people.

Our independence and objectivity are never compromised. Regularly, we turn down work to prevent any conflict of interest and this underpins our position in the market.