Our research undertaken on commission includes:

RICS Research Paper: The Use and Value of Commercial Property Data

Andrew Waller, Rebecca Ewart and Neil Webster carried out this research for the RICS, which explores the benefits of and challenges to an increasing use of data in the commercial property market. Click here to download the paper.

RICS Research Paper: The Impact of Emerging Technologies on the Surveying Profession

This was a research paper written by Andrew Waller and Bob Thompson for the RICS on the future role of the chartered surveyor and the impacts of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Click here to download the paper.

ACES Public Sector Property Systems Satisfaction Survey

This survey investigated Public Sector organisations' satisfaction with the systems they use to manage their property assets. You can see the highlights, as published in "The Terrier", the ACES magazine, here.

Private Sector Property System Satisfaction

This survey was designed to find out how satisfied organisations are with their main property system. You can read summarised highlights from this survey here.

Outsourcing, Social Media and Cloud Services

You can read summarised highlights from the 2010 survey here.

Client Portals Research

In March 2018, we undertook a survey amongst property managers to establish whether there is a common definition of the term 'client portal' and if there is anything in the market currently which fulfils the portal role at the desired level'.

Click here to read a summary of our findings. 

BCO Cycling facilities Research

In July 2017, we undertook a research project for the British Council for Offices (BCO) on cycling provisions within the UK office market. Our report “The Market Cycles” considered the trends in commuter cycling across a range of cities, the quantity and quality of cycling facilities then provided an insight in to some of the future trends. 

Since the launch we have been invited to speak on the subject in London, Bradford, Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow. It can be downloaded here.