10 things we learnt in 2018...

We decided to do a quick survey amongst the team to see what interesting things we discovered last year. Here's our top 10...

  1. There’s a helter-skelter ramp for bicycles in the basement of a new office building in Victoria named Verde.

  2. Facial recognition for visitors (even cyclists) at the new TwentyTwo commercial office development on Bishopsgate.

  3. There is now an AI property manager in the world, AI Adam, using machine learning to add value and increase efficiency amongst property management services.

  4. Virtually no traditional UK property management firms are managing Student Accommodation investments.

  5. There are 22 different spellings of Secretary of State for the Environment in entries in the Land Registry.

  6. PropTech, might not be a thing for much longer… For example, there appears to be little correlation between the number of times blockchain gets mentioned at PropTech events and the number of people who actually know what it means. 

  7. Nomura has a comprehensive health and screening facility in its offices staffed by doctors where blood tests of employees can be taken and reported in under an hour.

  8. We’re receiving more spam than before the General Data Protection Regulations were introduced in May. 

  9. Nobody seems to know the quantum of data being used in the real estate industry - no change from 10 years ago. But yet everyone says it has increased! (Keep an eye out for our RICS Data Paper, due to be published in early 2019).

  10. There is a never-ending supply of buyers willing to take a different view to the traditional commercial real estate investment approach. These investors only see value in the buildings that are at the top end of the market.