Technology strategy and management


You want to take best advantage of the vast array of technology solutions available to your business, but how do you best structure your resources and investment to effectively support your organisation? With our technology experience and property industry knowledge, we can analyse your business needs and processes to help you set your optimum strategy.

Use technology to stay ahead of the market

Our experience shows that there is often a gulf between the operational part of the business and the team supposed to be supporting all the business applications, email, servers and the like. Business imperatives are simply not acted upon effectively.

Not only that, but failure to align the direction of IT investment with the business can cost you millions. Well run businesses with aligned technology and business strategies can not only save money but also achieve competitive advantage through implementing up-to-date features ahead of the rest of the market.

The best bit is that it need not cost much to make these changes.

Harness the power of IT for your property business

We can use our team's experience of running the IT in property businesses and our market knowledge to help you set the direction. We can help you:

  • Decide what is the best type and mix of applications to underpin your business
  • Shape an IT support team that adds to the business and costs less to maintain
  • Identify the best types of sourcing and new technologies
  • Make sure IT investment is linked to your business strategy, with suitable governance arrangements to keep things on track

Then you can get on with the job of implementing the strategy.