System Specification and Selection


Selecting the right system is never simple or straightforward. Suppliers sell to customers all the time, but you only procure significant systems once in a blue moon.

No small wonder the process can be one-sided – let us help you make the right decision with our property systems market knowledge and selection process.

How to specify and select the right system

A package system will never do 100% of everything you want. But it's vital that it does address your most important needs - and you'll want to know the cost up front of adding functions which aren't in the package.

That's why our system selection approach focuses on using our RPM Remit Process Model to define your critical business processes - those for which system support is key to the success of the project.

Our property system market knowledge means that we can quickly identify a shortlist of candidate systems from among all the suppliers - large and small - across Europe. Since our approach makes sure your processes are properly defined, candidate systems can be validated against your real business needs.

Standard system selection methods are often a checklist "tick in the box" affair. Although you'll need a specification, we'll guide you through a process to help you choose the right system with a real insight into the relative merits of the suppliers and the products.

These key aspects of the Remit approach help reduce risk, guard against unwelcome surprises once you've committed to a system, and speed up the implementation process.

Our independence means we are free to offer you objective, unbiased advice.

Gain insight, reduce risk