RemIT: The IT Survey


We regularly carry out IT benchmarking surveys to look at how property organisations and teams are managing and using IT. The objective is to allow survey respondents to easily compare themselves against industry peers.

Respondents include many of the leading property services firms, fund managers and property companies.

Our previous surveys have addressed satisfaction with property systems and spending on IT, together with further information on technology trends, outsourcing, types of software procurement, and so on.


Download the summary results from our most recent survey here

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All organisations can learn from their peers. If you want to understand how your IT spend and usage compares, please contact Mark Jones.

Highlights from previous surveys

ACES Public Sector Property Systems Satisfaction Survey

This survey investigated Public Sector organisations' satisfaction with the systems they use to manage their property assets. You can see the highlights, as published in "The Terrier", the ACES magazine, here.

Private Sector Property System Satisfaction

This survey was designed to find out how satisfied organisations are with their main property system. You can read summarised highlights from this survey here.

Outsourcing, Social Media and Cloud Services

You can read summarised highlights from the 2010 survey here.


Broadly, we address IT and systems for property from two aspects...

First, we help organisations with specific initiatives - often a new systems project; sometimes revitalising a project that's already underway. In particular we help with;

  • Project Setup and Business Case definition - based on our QuickStart approach
  • System Selection
  • Project Management

Second, organisations often ask us to help them look at the bigger picture, relating to;

  • IT Strategy and Management
  • IT Benchmarking