Remit operates across four principal service lines...


1. technology

It’s rare to get the combination of property business experience and IT understanding that you’ll find in Remit – we can get straight to the answers and help your IT teams to perform brilliantly. Read more. 



2. BUSINESS transformation

If you want to improve the way your business works, start with our library of leading practice property process maps – it saves time and reduces risk. Read more.



3. compliance

Setting strategy is about getting people to agree on what’s important – that takes knowledge of the industry and consensus across the Board. Remit's grounding in property research and our facilitation skills simplify business planning. Read more.




Real estate finance can be a complex business, especially with constant changes in the marketplace and increasingly strict regulations coming into force. We’ll work closely with you to help you find the right funding, make the best decisions and undertake better transactions. Read more.