Project set up and business case definition


It’s critical to set a project going on the right track from the outset. Additionally, your organisation will want to understand what the project is setting out to achieve and the anticipated benefits. Setting the business case and a common approach agreed by all concerned is often a difficult first step, but essential nonetheless.

Setting up a new property system

You know your property system isn't supporting your business as well as it could. Or maybe your existing project has stalled. Perhaps you're not sure if you need to change systems at all.

Whatever the situation it's a daunting task to get a new project going. There are:

  • Lots of views and everyone has a different sets of priorities
  • So many requirements to define and document
  • Too many suppliers who all say their system is best for the job
  • Bad experiences from previous projects

Start your project successfully

Project success relies on clarity and consensus established from the outset. That's where we can help, by facilitating your team using our QuickStart approach to agree the way forward in a short space of time. QuickStart helps you:

  • Establish the scope and objectives
  • Understand the key factors that affect the project
  • Justify the need for change within your organisation; the business case will be clear
  • Set out a clear and logical set of tasks to take the project forward
  • Decide who needs to be involved and obtain buy-in from the team