Project management


Implementing new technology systems involves significant change for an organisation. This change needs managing, not as an afterthought, but as a formal project, coordinated by you to ensure that all internal and external resources and stakeholders are focused and deliver to plan. If you don’t have the capacity, our implementation project managers can help.

Managing your new technology project

It would be nice to think that once you've selected a system, you can relax and let the supplier do the rest.

Our approach to system selection is designed to minimise the risk that the system doesn't meet your expectations. However, the implementation still needs to be managed effectively - coordinating the supplier(s) and your internal business and technical teams, managing the scope, budget and issues that arise, and continually looking ahead to spot the risks and any pitfalls.

It's not rocket science, but it is time-consuming, and many organisations simply do not have the capacity or experience to take on the implementation project management.

Deliver your project on time and on budget

But all is not lost - we can take on the client project management role for you, or help you to put in place an in-house project management structure.

In most cases, our project managers have direct experience of the system you are implementing, and are able to utilise their real estate industry understanding to deliver a project managed on time and to budget.

Making sure the change is managed and sustainable

We encourage you to think of these initiatives as business change rather than technology projects. Our approach inherently involves your business people at all levels in the process from start to finish – to involve them and engender ownership.

A new system is no use at all unless your teams accept and use the technology – we help you embed sustainable change.