Performance Measurement


What gets measured gets managed. But the last thing you need is a deluge of inflexible metrics that measure minute details. You need information that concentrates on what really matters to your business.

Finding the measures that matter

We look at performance measurement from the top down.  What are the four or five things the Board really needs to know?  It may not be what you have been reporting to them for years, but something quite different.  The Board may be more interested in health and safety incidents than in numbers of rent reviews.  Or, more concerned about cost of workspace, than workspace per head.

When we have established what these key performance measurements are, we can identify the next level of detail, which senior management needs to run the day-to-day business.  By continuing this process, we can identify what data the business needs to capture, and link it to the business processes needed to ensure that the data is up to date and accessible.

Our aim is to help you measure what really matters, rather than producing reports for their own sake.