Outsourcing and tendering


How do you choose an outsourcing partner? Should you have a single service provider or several? What will be expected of them? The right outsourcing contract could be fundamental to the success of your business. Let us help you get it right at the start.

Help with outsourcing

Implementing effective outsourcing contracts is key to successful property management, both for client and service provider.

Our wide experience in helping clients with outsourcing projects has shown that spending more time initially structuring the contracts and defining responsibilities clearly, pays dividends in the medium to long term.

We support our clients with our detailed understanding of property processes, templates for service levels and metrics, and a working understanding of what property managers actually do at a grass roots level.

Our structured and methodical approach to constructing the service specification can minimise risks and costs for both parties.

We work with owner occupiers, investors and property managers to ensure:

  • The right tasks are outsourced to the right provider
  • Roles and responsibilities between the parties are clearly allocated
  • Key performance indicators and service levels are defined and relate to the client’s long term objectives
  • There is a clear exit strategy.