Market Due Diligence


Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you need to understand all the market aspects of a potential transaction so you can mitigate risks and maximise value. Our clients find that reassurance with our research-based due diligence services. They value our independence and objectivity - and the fact that we have a truly European perspective.

Pan-European service and perspective

We keep abreast of issues, sectors and markets through our network of offices and client contacts throughout Europe. This network allows us to offer an objective pan-European service, free from any agency inspired bias and based on independent research.

Acquisition due diligence

Market due diligence on acquisition ensures that the buyer understands the key market risks around the property being bought. We do this by analysing and validating underlying assumptions of the deal, which also gives you information to support your negotiation process.

Acquisition due diligence ensures that the purchaser fully understands the market drivers behind past performance and has an appreciation of the parameters affecting the market for the property in the future.

Disposal due diligence

Market due diligence on disposal provides information that underpins the value of the asset being sold. Typically, this forms part of the information provided to potential buyers. It also serves to alert you to issues that a potential acquirer may raise, thereby giving time to respond to and address any problems.

Our experience shows that this approach can significantly speed up the disposal process and improve the value of the transaction to our clients.