Debt and Equity Finance Advice


We provide tailored financial advice for investment in and/or development of real estate assets. All our clients benefit from exceptional experience, in-depth real estate knowledge and capabilities, in one integrated team.

Finding finance for real estate

We understand the trends in our key markets - commercial property, real estate capital, CMBS - and we understand institutional investors’ strategies in real estate.

We can therefore help our clients work out the best finance strategy for them and we are active as a debt and equity financial advisor to numerous large and small European property investors.

Specialists in financing and refinancing

Our approach is totally client-focused, starting with an inventory of your current capital structure and progressing to the individual projects which achieve the most value for you, our client. We not only offer you hands-on advice on refinancing, but also on introducing new debt and equity capital raising opportunities in the form of:

  • Revolving credit facilities
  • (Syndicated) property loans
  • Mortgage-backed facilities
  • Pfandbrief lending
  • CMBS structured loans
  • Corporate bonds
  • Mezzanine
  • Equity

We work with your current advisors – legal, tax, audit, etc. – and help to ensure that the professional team is well aligned with your goals and the project objectives.