Data Abstraction and Cleansing


Does your heart sink when you hear about Big Data? You know you need to have more and better data about your portfolio for a variety of reasons – to contribute to IPD, to meet the increasing requirements of regulation or to answer more demanding clients - but you don’t have the time, the resources or the skills to manage a data abstraction or cleansing project.

Data abstraction and cleansing made easy

Your internal teams will inform you of the datasets they require but finding where the information is, working out the best way of collecting it and subsequently making it accessible in appropriate formats for the different needs is no easy task. This takes time, effort and experience, all of which may be in short supply within a company that is fully stretched concentrating on its core business of Investment or Asset Management.

How can we help?

At Remit, we have experience of understanding data requirements, developing business processes to collect and abstract data and making recommendations on systems and tools to manage the data and maintain it once abstracted and cleansed. In particular, we can work with you to prepare your data sets for IPD analysis or for the ECB Asset Quality Review.

Not only do we abstract and cleanse data, but we also add significant value over abstraction performed by basic data entry clerks. Our team of senior, experienced bankers, Chartered Surveyors, solicitors and accountants can not only understand and abstract the data effectively, but can identify opportunities for improved asset management, spot risks that may be hidden in copious layers of transactions and undertake intelligent analysis of the data.

The team is led by specialist project managers and, because we have a defined structure for setting up projects, abstracting, cleansing and undertaking high levels of Quality Assurance, we can complete huge projects in less time than you may think.

Another great benefit is that our clients are often rewarded for undertaking what can be difficult and complex projects by finding cost savings or missing income that cover the entire cost of the project.
We deal with all property related data, including lease data, rental and service charge information, loan and security documentation and valuations.

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