Business process improvement


Do you know how long it takes you to collect your rent and pay your invoices? Do team members complain that they have more work to do than they can manage? Improving business processes through a project involving the whole team, from junior to senior, can have a hugely beneficial effect on your efficiency, team morale and even cash flow.

A different approach to process maps

Getting your fundamental business processes right is key to running an efficient business, whether you are an owner, an occupier or a service provider.

The traditional method is to spend a significant amount of time reviewing and documenting your current processes and looking for ways to make incremental improvements.

Our approach is rather different.  We start with looking at what is leading practice in the industry for your type of business.  We have a library of over 300 detailed process maps, covering everything from CIS reporting to updating rent demands, based on our experience of working with a range of clients.  We then identify where your current practice deviates from leading practice, and concentrate on improving those areas.  This helps to identify "quick wins" and gives your team something to work towards immediately, rather than just concentrating on the current state.

The detailed process maps we then produce are leading practice, tailored to your business, with clear allocation of roles and responsibilities, authorisation points and reporting requirements.  These can be used as a basis for an IT specification, a tender process, training or ISO certification.