Argus Enterprise - Planning and Implementation Assistance

Many organisations are rolling out Argus Enterprise (AE) as Altus support for the existing Argus Valuation Capitalisation (ValCap) product ceased in December 2018.

AE is very different from ValCap, and the transition is not necessarily straight forward. The project needs careful planning to manage the implementation of the new software and the change for the existing ValCap users.

Remit has a team of Argus experts who can provide you with cost-effective support for the planning and implementation of AE, covering the following aspects:

  • Initial project planning;

  • Ongoing project management and overseeing the relationship between Argus and your teams during the project;

  • Data migration and planning for ongoing import of data;

  • Testing planning and management;

  • Custom reporting and data extraction;

  • Development of client specific documentation;

  • Go-live support;

  • Argus Developer advice where required.

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