We help companies like yours choose IT systems every day. We know the players and the offerings.  

Our combined property and IT background gives you a tailored insight into how your real estate teams can benefit from technology.  This means we can help you select and implement the most suitable property systems for your business, enable you to do more with less, and provide better quality data so you can make more effective decisions.

Remit put forward candidates we wouldn’t have known about. In fact, the final candidate wasn’t even on our original list.


Need a new property system?

Whether your focus is commercial, residential or both -we can help you choose the systems and technology that are best designed to support your business. We’ll help you define your requirements based on leading practice property business processes.

We’ll manage the project and make sure your people are involved so they accept and understand the new technology and quickly get on board with the changes, so you get long-lasting benefits from your investment. 

We can also help you see the bigger picture for the future of your business, with our strategy and management services and technology benchmarking reports.

Who we work with

Our clients in the real estate systems and technology area include a range of property businesses, from investors, property managers and corporate property teams to public sector organisations.

Read case studies about our work with the following clients:

  • Hammerson

  • The Portman Estate

  • Grosvenor

  • Cadogan Estates



Why choose us?

We understand the real estate industry. Our people combine technology skills with extensive experience of the property business, often as surveyors or practitioners. This background in property means we offer practical advice that’s relevant to your business.

We have a deep knowledge of the property systems market and, unlike some consultants, are totally independent from the systems suppliers. So you can rely on us for completely impartial advice.

We approach every technology project as an opportunity for business improvement. We will help you take a wider view of where you want your business to go and how technology can help you get there.

How can we help you?

If you’re looking to improve your property systems or want advice on how to structure your technology to support your business more effectively, please get in touch.


Argus Enterprise - Planning and Implementation Assistance

Many organisations are rolling out Argus Enterprise (AE) as Altus support for the existing Argus Valuation Capitalisation (ValCap) product ceased in December 2018.

AE is very different from ValCap, and the transition is not necessarily straight forward. The project needs careful planning to manage the implementation of the new software and the change for the existing ValCap users.


Remit has a team of Argus experts who can provide you with cost-effective support for the planning and implementation of AE, covering the following aspects:

  • Initial project planning;

  • Ongoing project management and overseeing the relationship between Argus and your teams during the project;

  • Data migration and planning for ongoing import of data;

  • Testing planning and management;

  • Custom reporting and data extraction;

  • Development of client specific documentation;

  • Go-live support;

  • Argus Developer advice where required.

To find out more about this service, contact Joel Suissa