REMark: The Property Management Survey


REMark is Remit Consulting’s free, biennial benchmarking survey into the performance of the property management sector.

2017 was the 4th time we ran the survey, and it provided us with the most comprehensive set of data on the property management market in the UK - each release brings us a better understanding of how the market is performing and no one else has quite the same insight as us.



Each survey has a slightly different angle to it depending on the market conditions, but the areas we consistently study year on year are:

·       Company sizes and asset under management

·       Rent collection

·       Service charge collection, variance and reconciliation



After the release of the 2015 results, the Estates Gazette published a double page spread on our research, focusing on the cost of late rent which we estimated to be £190,000pa for an average IPD portfolio. So there are still improvements to be made.


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