Meet our team...




Partner, UK


Andrew is one of the most strategic and lateral thinkers we know. Previously, he worked as a Chartered Surveyor and then moved into consultancy at Ernst & Young. At Remit, Andrew has advised numerous UK and international construction and real estate companies on business and technology strategies and improvements.

His hobbies are bikes, motors, cameras and dad-jokes. And don't get him started on cars unless you’re a petrol head too.

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hans gerritsen

Partner, The Netherlands

hans g.jpg

Hans started as an engineering consultant and has spent more than 30 years in the real estate industry all around the world. Following his time at Ernst & Young, Hans set up Remit in the Netherlands. As the Dutch partner, he has built a strong reputation both in the fields of real estate finance as well as in real estate and IT, both internationally and locally. He takes his motorbike on regular tours around the globe.

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Mark Jones

Partner, UK

mark j.jpg

Mark 'Attention to Detail’ Jones is one of the most thorough and logical thinkers we've ever met. He built his career managing and developing information technology in a FTSE 100 property investment company. Now he leads our technology service line, and his combined property and system knowledge and his project management expertise make him unique among us in the UK.

With Remit, Mark works with public and private sector clients on projects including business process improvement, system specification / selection, project turnaround and system strategy.

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Thibaud Lefai

Director, France


Thibaud has a quiet, self-effacing manner that belies a considerable depth of knowledge in his field. His background is a compelling blend of ‘Big 4’ consulting and property management firms, and his international business experience encompasses Romania, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand and several other Asian countries.

When he has time off, he adds to Remit’s photography collection. Thankfully, he also has a Nikon camera, which reduces the risks of brand rivalry amongst the team!


Hans Hiensch

Director, The Netherlands

Hans is resolutely calm and unflappable, one of the most relaxed people we know. The other founding partner of Remit in the Netherlands, Hans has a background in finance and IT in the property industry. He was previously CFO of a fast-growing property developer, a KPMG auditor, and an Ernst & Young consultant.

At Remit, Hans is as at home consulting on real estate IT systems operation and strategy as he is with finance and business strategy.


Antoine Lelieveld

Director, The Netherlands


Antoine is probably our most popular project manager; clients fight to work with him. Antoine joined Remit after working at Ernst & Young with Andrew Waller and Hans Gerritsen. He specialises in helping real estate companies improve their processes and systems and has advised some of the largest European real estate investors. He also has extensive experience of controlling major projects.

And if you want to know what to do in Amsterdam at the weekend, ask Antoine.


Mark Leijgraaff

Director, The Netherlands

mark l.jpg

Mark has wide-ranging experience as a real estate management consultant in property management, property development, asset management and fund (performance) management. Mark has advised some of the largest Dutch real estate companies and his pragmatic project management skills make a valuable contribution to our more complex implementation projects.

He's a keen photographer, loves his 1960 Corvette and enjoys collecting watches.


Neil Webster

Director, UK


Neil is known for his pragmatic approach and high vis cycling gear. He also seems to know just about everybody in the property industry.

Neil has advised on: the improvement of asset management within the public sector; estate strategies and implementation plans for local government, emergency services and health sector; business case development; and public sector collaboration initiatives.

Neil is a self-confessed ‘mad cyclist’ and constantly sets himself nutty challenges in order to live up to his reputation.

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Steph Yates

Consultant, UK


Steph is a mega-achiever who, since joining Remit in 2011, has helped clients to retender the property management services of more than £3.5 billion worth of assets, managed programmes of up to 15 projects to transform real estate businesses and been in more property management process workshops than you can shake a stick at.

She has been running REMark, our property management benchmarking study, since 2013 and has all the latest gossip about how the market is performing.

In her spare time, she shoots fullbore target rifles down her local range.

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Joel Suissa

Assistant Consultant, UK


Joel joined Remit in September 2016, having worked in Property Development for two years, gained a Management Studies degree from Nottingham University and a Real Estate masters from Cass Business School. Joel’s current role involves assisting the business and its associates across a variety of activities, including client workshops and preparing key documentation. He is currently undertaking APC training, in pursuit of qualifying as an RICS Chartered Surveyor.   

If Remit ever goes into the party planning business, he’ll be the service director.


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Kat Lewis

Assistant Consultant / Business Development Executive, UK


Kat first joined Remit in 2015, during her gap year, which she spent knee deep in process maps and workshops for a large London estate. We couldn’t get enough of her so, after finishing her law degree at Durham, Kat’s back!

Kat now runs our quarterly Property Managers Forum, which she is currently juggling with a large property management tender, as well as being in charge of our Associates Meetings. She is also fast becoming Remit’s very own survey guru!

Kat genuinely loves a challenge, does everything with an infectious smile and likes nothing better than a busy day. Outside of work, she enjoys horse riding, sailing, lacrosse and reeling, as well as the occasional glass of wine.


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Rebecca Ewart

Assistant Consultant, UK



Rebecca graduated from the University of the West of England in 2015 with a degree in Real Estate. Since joining in June 2017, she has been working on a wide variety of projects including assisting with advising clients on meeting compliance and regulatory standards, improving business efficiency and researching into business development. Rebecca's background is in Property Surveying and she is currently undertaking her APC to qualify as a RICS Chartered Surveyor.

In Rebecca’s spare time she enjoys sports activities such as skiing, running and travelling.


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Yvonne Waller



Yvonne is an all-round good egg who advises Remit on HR Policy & Procedures. When she’s not at Remit, she works with other clients advising on human resource issues such as recruitment, retention, redundancy and employee rights.

Wearing another hat, Yvonne is FCRE Secretary of the Federation of Corporate Real Estate advisors. This role involves managing the Federation’s annual activities including membership administration and events.

For seven years, Yvonne was Club Secretary to Watford Ladies FC.


Sarah RADE

Executive Assistant, UK


Sarah looks after the team as our Executive Assistant.

If you hear tropical birds and the sea in the background whilst speaking to her - that’s because she’s located in Cape Town (where it’s 30 degrees most of the time!)

Yet, since she’s on the same time-zone as us and is an experienced Skype-user, we benefit from Sarah’s strong administrative and (virtual) communication skills all day, every day.